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General terms and Conditions of APC & TCP, Andreas Magerl since 31.3.2006:

§1 Terms of delivery:

a) Sale and supply applies to items in stock.
b) We reserve the right to make a possible partial delivery of an order, depending on availability of the ordered goods and as long as this doesn't lead to a unacceptable cost for the purchaser.

§2 Delayed payments and overdue notices:

a) If we have to send a written reminder for an unpaid cheque, unsuccessful bank draft or uncleared accounts, we will charge a sum of 10.00 euro to cover administrative costs.
b) On passing the deadline set in the letter, the case will be transferred to a debt-collecting agency without further notice.
c) Payment reminders are listed at 1,- Euro, Payment overdue notices are listed at 5,- Euro

§3 Ownership rights:

a) Goods remain the property of APC&TCP, Andreas Magerl, until payment has been made in full.

§4 Shipping costs:

a) Shipping costs, insurance and packing are generally all included.
b) For dealers, shipping costs of goods for re-sale are the actual postage costs plus a fee for packaging.

§5 Legal guarantee:

a) All products carry the legally prescribed guarantee duration.
b) In case of outside interference, inappropriate handling or damage to our warranty seals or similar seals, any warranty claim is invalidated.
c) We cannot be held liable for damages resulting from use of guides, reports, hardware or software insofar as we have not acted negligently.

§6 Sale or Return for Dealers:

a) General business terms and conditions apply to Sale or Return goods.
b) Goods remain our property until payment has been made in full.
c) Damaged goods can not be returned and have to be fully paid.
d) When return-by date has passed, payment has to be made in full.
e) Return shipment costs are to be paid by the dealer.

§7 Area of Jurisdiction:

a) The area of jurisdiction for all disputes from contracts is 83278 Traunstein, Germany.
b) In all cases, German law applies exclusively.

§8 Taxes:

a) All listed prices are, unless indicated otherwise, indicated in Euro incl. VAT.
b) The purchaser must settle carrier rates, import and export duties and similar charges.

§9 Cancellation and right to return:

a) The customer is entitled to a cancellation and right to return within 1 month after goods have been dispatched, conforming to mail-order legislation.
b) The cancellation does not need to have a written reason.
c) The sending off of the cancellation to APC & TCP, Andreas Magerl suffices for keeping within the cancellation deadline.
d) The return shipment costs on products with a value of up to 40 Euro are to be paid by the customer.
e) Software is excluded from cancellation if the customer has removed or damaged the sealing or changed or damaged the software.
f) Also excluded from cancellation are goods that were customized to meet the customers specification or personal needs.
g) Magazines are generally excluded from this right to return.
h) Returns can only take place after arrangement with us.

§10 Special edition news subscription, Address changes, subscription terms:

a) Existing subscribers of APC&TCP must give at least 5 working days notice in advance of the release date of the next edition, of a change of address. Attention! Forwarding does not apply to news subscriptions.
b) In case the customer fails to do so and the magazine is not delivered but destroyed by the mail service, the customer must pay shipping costs for sending an additional magazine. The rate for sending single orders applies here.
c) The contract term for a subscription (Amiga Future) is, unless otherwise indicated, one year.
The subscription is renewed for a period of one year unless it is cancelled, in writing to APC&TCP, at least 4 weeks before publication of the last edition of the term.

§11 General:

a) We reserve the right to make price changes at all times.
b) Errors and Omissions excepted.
c) Verbal communication and agreements are not binding.
d) Binding agreements require written form.
e) Your data is kept for business purposes.
f) APC&TCP, Andreas Magerl cannot be held liable for damages resulting, either directly or indirectly, from products from, or delivered by, APC&TCP, Andreas Magerl provided that APC&TCP, Andreas Magerl has not acted negligently.
g) The invalidity of individual points of our trading conditions does not affect the effectiveness of the remaining conditions. In case of an invalid condition, the condition closest to the intent of the invalid condition applies.

§12 Contact & Other:

a) Postal address: APC&TCP, Postfach 83, 83234 Uebersee. House address (No shop): APC&TCP, Andreas Magerl, Hochplattenweg 4, 83236 Uebersee, Tel. 08642/89995
b) Tax number: 163/247/20050 - UStID: DE156061883
c) Banking details for Germany and other countries: APC&TCP, Konto 777631, Blz 71052050, Sparkasse Uebersee IBAN: DE98 7105 2050 0000 7776 31, SWIFT: BYLADEM1TST
ATTENTION! Our Austrian account has been terminated!!

Andreas Magerl
Hochplattenweg 4
Postfach 83
83236 Übersee
Tel: 08642/899953
Steuernummer: 163/247/20050
USt-IdNr: DE156061883
Bankverbindung Deutschland und sonstiges Ausland: APC&TCP, Konto 777631, Blz 71052050, Sparkasse Übersee, IBAN: DE98 7105 2050 0000 7776 31, SWIFT: BYLADEM1TST

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