APC&TCP Marketing

Since 1992 APC&TCP has worked as a publisher in the Amiga sector, and in that process has managed to successfully bring more than 200 profitable products to the Amiga marketplace. You can find a list of all these products in the support section on our homepage. Specifically our own marketing system turned out to be a major success. You should bear in mind that the original developer/creator or its team also gets a share in the profits of all the sold and paid for copies of their software efforts. The special thing about using our know-how is that we only deduct the costs of its production from whatever profits are achieved. This results in the obvious monetary benefits being seen directly, as there are no unexpected costs to any developer(s)/creator(s) balance-sheet.

Unlike other publishers we realistically estimate the market value of the project and so don't give the programmer(s) any false hopes that might otherwise become apparent at any later date. That's because we don't see any sense in promising something that is unrealistic just for the sake of getting a signature on a contract. We are always open to new ideas, and as a result of us being so well organised there is also no unnecessary bureaucracy - so any actions required are quickly achieved.

A programmer can also help us in the design process of their packaging, though not all ideas are feasible.

For this reason, there is no standardisation of packaging in our range, related to generic CD or DVD cases, cardboard boxes or anything else. This may be very laborious, but we want any programmer to be happy with their final product.

So, have you developed a product that you would like us to help you get published? Then, it's probably in your best interests to get in touch with us, sooner rather than later!