APC&TCP Marketing

The APC&TCP is acting as a publisher on the market since 1992. Up to now we have brought 100 products profitable on the market. You can find a list of all our products in the support section on our homepage. Especially our provision system turned out in a success. The developer/creator or the team gets a share in the profits of all sold and payed copies. The special thing about this is that we subtract only the costs of the production from this profit. This results in a clear calculation without unexpected costs in the balance-sheet.

Other than most other publishers we estimate the market in a realistic way and dont tell the programmer fairy tales which will explode later. We don't see any sense in promising things which are unrealistic just for the signing of a contract. We always listen for new ideas. Due to the fact that we are organized very well no unneded bureaucracy arises and we can act quickly.

Have you developed a product which you would like to publish? Then just come in contact with us.