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Flyin High
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Fasten your seat belts and be prepared for an experience not seen on the Amiga before. Flyin' High is released and brings to you a completely new dimension of 3-D racinggames. You are speeding with full throttle through fully textured and great race-tracks featuring ice, mud, forest and normal streets. Are you ready for this ?

The Game can be bought as CD or as Disk Version, a patch can be freely obtained from APC & TCP, by sending a blank disk and enough postage for returning the disk.

0026_1.jpg 0026_10.jpg 0026_11.jpg 0026_12.jpg
0026_13.jpg 0026_2.jpg 0026_3.jpg 0026_4.jpg
0026_5.jpg 0026_6.jpg 0026_7.jpg
0026_8.jpg 0026_9.jpg

Systemanforderungen/System requirement:
running on AmigaOS 1.3? no
running on AmigaOS 2.x? no
running on AmigaOS 3.x? yes
running on AmigaOS 4.x? unknow
running on MorphOS? unknow
running on WinUAE? yes
how many RAM MB? 6.0
need CD-ROM? yes
need Harddrive? yes
support Harddrive? yes
ECS? no
AGA? yes
support GFX-Board yes
other infos
German language yes
english language yes

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